Give the government the right to decide for you is a path of no return

1Many people support that the state should be free to regulate the market in order to supposedly defend citizens to themselves. For example, the mayor of New York city, Michael Bloomberg approved a regulation that prohibit marketers to sell family size soda. According to the mayor, this legislation was created to protect people to becaming obese and to prevent health problems.

However each person has the natural right to choose what and how much drink or food it wants to drink or eat, since arch with the consequences of the choice.  No bureaucrat can establish what is allowed or not to eat or drink. This is a personal issue and should stay at individual sphere.

Supporters of the state control would say that sometimes people do not have enough knowledge to defend themselves from the bad consequences of their choices.  Nevertheless, as drastic as it can sound, everybody have the right to take bad decisions. What people should be concerned of is that when you give the state the power to choose what is bad and what is good to you, you are giving up the right to guide your own life. It can be very dangerous because it is a no going back way.

To conclude, it is important to emphasize that the state was created to take care of society. This does not give the government the right to regulate the decisions of individuals that do not harm other citizens. This kind of issue should remain in the private and family sphere. We must always remember that the state works for the society, and not owns it.

This article was publicated on the site Liberty Report


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